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IAB Ad Network & Exchange QAG Video

CPX Proud of involvement in IAB QAG Video

Having just arrived back from the IAB Annual Leadership conference, the CPX Interactive management team was particularly proud of our involvement in the development and creation of a video which was debuted at the conference.

As co-chairman of the marketing workgroup responsible for evangelizing the newly released Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG), CPX President & COO, Rob Rasko, took the lead on producing the video which features many leading industry leaders sharing their views on the importance of the guidelines. The featured speakers discuss why ad networks and exchanges should seek to become certified under the QAG, and why whether an company is certified should matter to both advertisers and publishers, alike.

The release of the video and its debut infront of a full session at the IAB conference, are only the beginning of what will be a full court press in ‘bringing the word to the street.”

More on the takeaways from the conference and on the status of industry QAG adoption in future posts, but we wanted to make sure the video, itself, gets as much play as possible…so without further adieu…